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This is one of the cemeteries where the state of Ohio buried the residents of the mental hospital whose families either didn’t claim them or were too poor to afford to do it themselves. The gravestones are all the same size and shape, and most are simply a name with a birth and death date.

The most striking feature is that there are 2 gravestones marked “SPECIMEN.” What that could possibly entail is horrifying. 


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I found out that I would die the day before we had the table read. Marlene King called me and told me. At first I was really nervous because it was my last episode, and I was very sad because obviously I love being a part of the show. But the next thing she said was don’t worry, you’ve still got a job. You’re still going to be on the show ‘til the end, you’re just going to be flashback girl. And I said, OK, I trust you. By Janel Parrish (via thebestplltheories)